Chairman Word

Chairman Word

Thanks to God....

Mabaret Al-Asafra Hospitals are the pioneers in providing healthcare services at Alexandria . For more than 38 years, the hospital gained deep confidence of the citizens of Alexandria and surrounding governorates, and an excellent reputation among medical sectors which led to accelerated growth and increased technical, medical and hospitality facilities untill its current overall area reached 8500 square meters.

The sincere effort and the precious confidence were crowned by the opening of Mabaret Al-Asafra West from 11 years on an overall area of 3750 square meters, Both hospitals follow the same policiies, procedures, medical, managerial and financial systems. The hospitals had successfully solved the difficult equation of  how to provide substantially distinguished and high quality medical services for challenging affordable prices facing the increasingly expensive costs, and hence our dearest customer feels welcomed appreciating our focusing and commitment for all international patient rights, Mabaret Al-Asafra hospitals became the safe destination to ensure that it's always and indeed, the rightest choice.

In this situation , I have the honour to thank all those who shared in instituting this respectable entity. My deepest thankfulness and gratitude to our customers, patients and contracting companies, for their trust and support . We promise to strive daily, paying maximum efforts to uphold them, and to offer better care for lower cost .

Dr. Amr Morsi

Chairman of Mabaret Al-Asafra Hospitals